400 at the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast in Stockholm

The Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast Stockholm was held early April at the Elite Hotel Marina Tower Hotel in Nacka where around 400 delegates gathered.

Approximately 400 delegates attended the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast Stockholm. Photo: Ruben Agnarsson

Pastor Sven Nilsson from Örebro spoke on Friday about blessing Israel and complying with God’s decision to bless the whole world through Israel and the Jewish people. Jack van der Tang from the Netherlands – where in 2019 Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast was held for the first time outside of Israel – described how the countries of the world are now turning against Israel, just as the Bible predicts.
Albert Veksler, director of the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast, highlighted that the Bible states that God will judge the nations based on how they have treated the Jewish people and the land of Israel.
– There are serious consequences when we touch God’s country, he emphasized.
Several speakers expressed sorrow that Sweden had broken its once good relationship with Israel – which from the founding of the state had lasted for more than two decades – by treating the terrorist Yasser Arafat as a statesman, among other things. Several prayers of forgiveness were offered to God due to the fact that Sweden had invited Arafat in the 1980s and thereby further legitimized terrorism.

Overwhelmed by warmth

During the days in Stockholm it was both highlighted and prayers for forgiveness was asked, for Sweden’s closed borders at the beginning of the Second World War to Jews attempting to flee Nazi Germany, the recognizing of Palestine in 2014 and that Sweden still turns a blind eye to Swedish aid going to Palestinian terrorist activities.
Raoul Wallenberg’s masterful achievement in Budapest in the fall of 1944 along with the Swedish Foreign Ministry’s bureaucratic resistance to the Holocaust at the end of the Second World War were also highlighted.
Former Knesset members Robert Ilatov of Yisrael Beiteinu and Yehuda Glick of Likud also attended. Simon Davidson and Ohad Tal were overwhelmed by the warmth that greeted them during the gathering. Simon Davidson related how, for the first time since the massacre on October 7, during the conference, he felt joy within and was able to smile again. He pointed out that Israel itself needs to stick together.

”Stand united”

– What I see happening here I have to take with me back to Israel. I must take this love with me, the light that I see when looking into your eyes. I see only good things, not bad things, said Simon Davidson turning to Ohad Tal, who represents a party on the opposite political side.
– If we can bring this love for Israel with us and our people can take in that we are one, then we can win. If we are to triumph over our enemies we need to stand together, think together, walk together and believe we can conquer together.
At the same time as the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast was taking place in Stockholm, Reuters reported that the Palestinian Authority wants to become a full member of the UN and is demanding that the UN Security Council hold a vote. If this passes, then Hamas’ massacre on 7 October will be rewarded with full membership in the UN.
In that case, it would not be the first time that the UN rewards terror. When PLO leader Arafat was invited for the first time to the UN in October 1974 it had been only two years earlier, in 1972, that several PLO groups had carried out a massacre on the Israeli Olympic team in Munich when Jews were again murdered on German soil 27 years after the Holocaust.
In the same year, an act of terrorism was carried out in the arrival hall at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, then called Lod Airport, in which Japanese who had been recruited by the Palestinian PLO group PFLP killed 26 people and injured 80.